Restaurants use, wash and reuse the same sets of dishes everyday. That is why a broken dishwasher can drastically impact your kitchen’s efficiency and productivity. Imagine having to assign extra staff members to handle washing everything by hand, doing so one dish at a time. A broken or inefficient dishwashing machine can make for a clustered and dangerous environment. Additionally, if the health inspector decides to make an unexpected visit and finds that your primary dishwashing machine is defective, it will not help you maintain a good rating.

Types of Commercial Dishwashers

There are two main types of commercial dishwashers: high- and/or low-temperature. Low-temperature models utilize much less energy but require the use of detergents and chemicals in order to effectively sanitize used dishes. On the other hand, high-temperature washers have the ability to cut through grease and bacteria buildup without having to rely on detergents. They do require a great amount of energy in order to operate.

Frequent Commercial Dishwasher Problems

You can establish whether or not your dishwasher is running correctly using a number of methods. If your dishes come out dirty and require a second or third cycle, your machine may have a faulty piece of equipment that needs to be fixed or replaced. Secondly, the presence of spots or a cloudy film on your dishes is also an indicator that your washer needs repairs.

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