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Altemp Mechanical Provides Commercial Ice Machine Repair Services in Minnesota.

Is your commercial ice machine broken? Are you having problems locating a commercial ice machine repair service in Minnesota? You have come to the right place. Altemp Mechanical has a strong reputation in Minnesota and Wisconsin. To ensure that our clients save time and money, our company will send highly skilled onsite technicians who will carry out the diagnostics on your broken ice machine.

What are the most common commercial ice machine problems?

Due to many years of experience, our technicians know that there is more than one reason behind a malfunctioning ice maker. Here are some of the most common problems found in commercial ice makers.

• Clogged Water Filter
• Dirty Condenser Coil
• Poor Water Quality
• High Water/Air Temperature
• Low Refrigerant Charge
• Mold/Slime/Bacteria Build Up

90% of service calls for commercial ice machines are related to water supply or lack of regular preventative maintenance.

How to know if your ice maker is failing

There is no need to wait until the machine completely fails. Operating with an inefficient ice maker might result in extra energy costs. You should consider repairing your ice maker if:

• The machine is not keeping up with the daily production your business.
• Your energy and water bills are abnormally high.
• Ice cubes are not of a consistent size or clarity.

Why choose Altemp Mechanical?

When you are in need of commercial appliance repair services, Altemp is here to help your Twin Cities business. Our company has a reliable and friendly customer support team and we guarantee that you will always be assisted.

For commercial appliance repair services, contact Altemp Mechanical today by sending us a message online or by calling one of our friendly HVAC professionals at 651-275-9111. We are looking forward to hearing from you.

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