The Benefits of a Commercial Rooftop Air Conditioning System

Commercial air conditioning systems can be a pain due to their large units that take up a lot of space. When installed on the roof, however, they not only incur low installation costs, but come in a wide range of options and allow more versatility than many other commercial cooling systems. Read on to discover the benefits of a commercial rooftop air conditioning system.

Benefits of a Commercial Rooftop Air Conditioning System

Flexibility. Rooftop air conditioning systems are modular units that can be modified if you choose to redesign or expand the space. These modules can be placed at different locations on the roof, based on the building’s cooling and heating load requirements. Moreover, temperature settings can be customized for specific areas to track their energy usage.

Reduced noise pollution

Although newer air conditioning units make less noise than their forerunners, they still have a discernible sound. Because these systems are installed on the roof, their sound is out of range, making the building seem quieter.

Increased security

Rooftop air conditioning systems do not involve the risks of theft or vandalism that ground level air conditioning units are subjected to. This is because they are generally out of reach of potential wrongdoers.

Minimized dirt and damage

Due to lower dust, dirt and debris on the roof, the rooftop units stay cleaner. Their location ensures their safety from accidental damage as well.

Power choices

Two options are available: natural gas and electrical.

Improved energy performance

Rooftop air conditioning provides a lot of options as far as features are concerned. These include:

  • Economizers use the outside air when the outdoor temperatures permit, to cool the building making it economically viable.
  • Programmable thermostats can be used to adjust the operating controls based on the season as well as the occupancy schedules.

Easy Maintenance

Rooftop air conditioning requires regular professional maintenance to prevent mechanical problems and wear and tear. However, basic maintenance – like changing filters or checking for leaks – should be done on a monthly or quarterly basis.

Because of their convenient location, a technician can easily access the modules without having to enter the building for maintenance or repair.

“Rooftop air conditioning ties directly into the building’s ductwork. The systems are not only more convenient and less expensive; they enhance the energy performance and opulence of the building,” said Corey Sias, Service Department Manager for Central Roofing Company.

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