What Causes Frozen Heat Pump Coils?

Many people may have a hard time believing that their heater can in fact freeze. Heaters produce heat, so shouldn’t that prevent freezing? Unfortunately, despite its nature, a heater can freeze and it can lead to a disastrous problem.

Heaters typically freeze due to poor airflow over the heat pump coils. When the temperature plummets, the pump coils will end up freezing. Functioning heat pump coils can withstand even the most drastic temperature drops, but some things can lead to freezing coils. Here are the most common causes.

Air Filter Needs To Be Cleaned or Replaced

Changing your air filter regularly is crucial for the performance of your heater and air conditioner. Over time, air filters will clog up with dust and dirt. This will block air from going through and passing on to the coils. When this airflow is interrupted, condensation will build up around the coils, which will eventually cause the system to freeze.

Outdoor Unit May Need Some Maintenance

Your outdoor HVAC needs to be regularly maintained and free of debris, such as plants, dirt, dust, and so much more. If the unit has settled in, it could lead to its foundation sinking. This will also reduce your airflow. Make sure to sweep through the area, and in the winter, try to scrape off excess snow as well. This way you can ensure it is operating to its fullest capacity.

The Coils Are Dirty

While there could be many factors that cause a system-wide freeze, the coils themselves may be the culprits behind the problem. Dirty coils transfer heat poorly, and even the thinnest layer of dust can prevent the heat from transferring properly. That’s because dust can act as an insulator. This results in a lack of heat transfer, and the coils’ temperatures will be behind to drop.

Many factors can cause an HVAC system to fail. Make sure to have yours regularly inspected by a trusted HVAC professional such as Altemp Mechanical. To learn more or to schedule a service call, feel free to contact our company online or by phone!

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