Charbroiler Repair and Maintenance For Commercial Equipment

We are Minnesota’s go-to professionals when it comes to commercial charbroiler repair. Altemp Mechanical works with local restaurants, bars, diners, hotels, and any businesses that utilizes commercial kitchen equipment. We can repair, install and maintain countertop, drop-in, flat top and teppanyaki charbroilers. Read on to discover more of our charbroiler repair and maintenance services in the Twin Cities area.

Charbroiler Repair and Maintenance

A commercial charbroiler is built to endure years of use. It will run on a daily basis in a kitchen environment. Of course, its parts can become worn out due to this consistent use, causing it to malfunction. When this occurs, it will reduce the quality of cuisine you offer your customers. Here are the most common complications that business owners face with commercial charborilers:

  • The charbroiler fails to heat up
  • The charbroiler is far too hot when running
  • The charbroiler is not turning on
  • The charbroiler is discolored
  • The charbroiler should be cleaned
  • The charbroiler grate is fracturing

If you want to be confident that your charbroiler will continue to function properly, we recommend setting up a monthly or bimonthly service with our team. We can accommodate your schedule and establish service times that work best for you. Our experienced technicians can arrive at your place of business on a scheduled basis, offering charbroiler repair and maintenance as required.

When your charbroiler or kitchen equipment is maintained by our staff, it will run much longer. As a result, you will reduce costs an improve productivity. When you need charbroiler repair and/or maintenance in Minnesota, contact Altemp Mechanical online or by calling 651-275-9111.

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