Common Commercial Refrigeration Problems For The Professionals

No matter your industry, it is important to ensure that any essential commercial refrigeration equipment is always operating safely and efficiently. This can be more challenging than you might expect because commercial refrigeration equipment endures demanding use. This can eventually wear down your system.

To make sure major complications do not arise with your system, preventative maintenance is crucial. However, even well kept units will experience problems every now and then. When you see early complications with your system, reach out to our Minnesota commercial refrigeration technicians right away.

Common Commercial Refrigeration Problems For The Professionals

It will not maintain temperatures.

At a certain point, you might discover the refrigerated space inside your commercial refrigerator is not adequately chilled. You might have faulty seals on doors, an issue with your compressor, or a leak. It might also be caused by a mistake made by your staff or a thermostat that is out of order. As we mentioned above, it is important to allow a trained technician to assess the system when glitches arise.

Frost or ice grows.

If you observe frost and/or ice in your commercial refrigeration equipment or on its numerous gears, you might ponder exactly what the issue is. After all, this system is intended to keep things chilled. It is understandable to think that frost and ice are supposed to develop. The truth is that you should not have frost or ice growing in your system. This could be caused by poor airflow or a leak. No matter what the particular cause of the problem is, you can depend on our staff to get to the bottom of it.

The machine is running loudly.

It is not uncommon to hear some commotion originating from your commercial refrigeration equipment. It utilizes fans, a compressor, motors, and additional mechanical elements. You should not hear extreme noise when it is operating, however, and new unfamiliar sounds should not develop. If you become aware of anything unusual with your system, schedule a consultation with Altemp Mechanical right away.

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