Common Problems Associated with Modern Furnaces

Modern furnaces are a good way to reduce the amount of fuel consumed and reduce your heating bills. Many of the newer furnaces are also a better way to heat the building more thoroughly and can provide a quieter way to heat with new silent furnaces. This said there are some common problems associated with modern furnaces.

Common Problems Associated with Modern Furnaces

Some of the more modern furnaces have issues relating to the electronic ignition systems. These can fail to work consistently making it difficult for the furnace to function properly. Sometimes this can be in relation to the electrical system in an older home not working well with the newer furnace. The pilot light might go out and the ignition system might fail to light it again. This can cause a problem long term with the unit and with the overall electrical system in the building.

In some cases the furnace will not work well with the thermostat making the furnace come on more than it needs to. This can be bad for fuel consumption and cause the room or building to be uncomfortable with a heat that goes up and down frequently. New thermostats should be installed in many cases when a furnace is replaced.

In some cases the duct work of a home is not set up to work with a newer furnace. This might make it tough for the furnace to get the hot air throughout the home and heat it properly. This in turn will require the furnace to come on more often and can be bad for your bottom line. This can also be a problem when it comes to making sure the furnace has a good air return. The airflow needs to be clear both ways and if the duct work is not properly set up it may not bring enough air to the furnace to work properly. To find out more about your furnace and whether it is doing the best job it can, contact the furnace repair professionals at Altemp Mechanical, Inc.

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