Common Reasons For a Furnace Breakdown

Many of us have been there. It is the middle of winter in Minnesota, the snow is coming down, the icy winds are rattling the window panes, and suddenly, the furnace breaks down. If this occurs, there are many steps that you can take to not only get your furnace working, but to ensure your furnace runs properly in the future. The first step to fixing your furnace is identifying the problem. Learn about some common reasons for a furnace breakdown and follow steps to remedy that furnace breakdown quickly and easily.

Common Reasons for a Furnace Breakdown

Your furnace is clogged and dirty.

Every furnace has an air filter that improves the quality of your air by keeping unwanted dust and pollen from circulating through your place of business. Furnace filters are also extremely important contributors to your furnace’s efficiency. In the case of a furnace breakdown, the first thing to do is check on your filter. If the filter appears dirty or clogged, cleaning it or replacing it could solve your problem. Regular filter replacement can help to prevent furnace breakdowns.

Your furnace’s ignition and pilot are not working properly.

Making sure that your furnace’s power source is functioning properly is an absolute necessity. Depending on the age and make of your furnace, the unit may or may not include a pilot light or an electric ignition system. Identify what type of furnace you have, then light the pilot or observe the ignition process in order to test its functionality. If you observe a weak light or the pilot light will not stay lit, you may have discovered the cause behind your furnace breakdown.

Your furnace’s fans, motors, belts, and bearings have not been properly taken care of.

These parts are essential to your furnace’s function and they require regular HVAC maintenance. If you neglect to get your furnace regularly inspected by a professional, little things may begin to fall apart. Eventually this will lead to a full blown furnace breakdown. Maintenance issues can be extremely hard for the average joe to diagnose. This is because furnaces are comprised from a multitude of tiny parts. If your filter and ignition system both appear to be in working order, we advise that you call one of our HVAC professionals to remedy the furnace for you.

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