The Most Common Summer HVAC Problems

As summer dwells up on us, it is time to get the air conditioning (A/C) units running. For many buildings, the A/C unit has sat idly by since last Fall. Before you begin to turn on your A/C, it might be wise to get an inspection done to prevent it from breaking down on a sweltering day. Here are some of the most common problems a commercial HVAC unit faces during Minnesota’s hot summer weather.

Improper Air Flow

If you sense that your system’s air flow is weak, the first place that may be the problem is the filter. Dirt and debris accumulate over time, and if the filter has not been changed, the blower goes into overtime to ensure air is moving efficiently. Clogged filters not only decrease airflow, but the blower motor consumes more electricity. This results in higher bills and uncomfortable settings. The filter should be replaced regularly throughout the year. Make sure to schedule an appointment with a trusted HVAC company for a thorough inspection.

Clogged A/C Condensate Drain

A clogged drain line is another common problem seen in A/C units in the summertime. Condensate is a byproduct that occurs normally in the air conditioning process. But sometimes, it can be backed up with debris, dirt, or dead bugs. Clogged drains can lead to water leakage from the A/C into your building. A clogged drain is usually a simple fix, but sometimes the HVAC unit will require a more thorough cleaning.

Refrigerant Levels are Low

Your air conditioning unit requires a certain level of refrigerant to keep the building cool and operate properly. However, over time small leaks in the system can cause the refrigerant to escape. This could result in an undercharged A/C unit.

Undercharged air conditioning units will have a difficult time maintaining the desired temperature. The refrigerant used in HVAC systems is regulated by the EPA, so it is essential you have an experienced HVAC technician such as Altemp Mechanical repair any leaks.

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