Commercial HVAC Upgrades and What To Consider Before Investing

Your HVAC unit can be something you rarely think about at work, or it can be a source of constant annoyance. If your system is over 10 years old, in need of frequent repair, or simply not working regularly, it is time to evaluate your options for commercial HVAC upgrades. Continuing to endure a faulty HVAC system is only going to cost you more money in the long run. Replacing your system with a new, efficient, Energy Star approved model could save you as much as $200 a month in utilities and untold hassle.

Replacing your HVAC before it totally fails allows you time to research the best replacement system and the best team of professionals for installment. Before you spend the money to have your system replaced though, make sure there aren’t any external factors like leaks or fault ductwork causing your HVAC issues.

Commercial HVAC Upgrades

Things to Inspect First:

The following components of an HVAC system can have considerable influence on its performance. Before you spend the money to replace your system, inspect these areas to make sure they aren’t causing your system to run poorly:

Thermostat Programming

• Ductwork Sealant

Choosing the Right System

The best system for your needs depends on the climate where you live. For a majority of people in the United States, a unit that combines an electrical cooling system and a natural gas-based furnace will be sufficient. However, if you live in an area with mild weather, you may be better of with an air-source heat pump.

It may be possible that you only have to replace the furnace or the cooling system in your HVAC, rather than the entire unit. However, if your system is at least 7 years old, it is probably more worthwhile to fully replace the HVAC. Regardless of whether you replace components or the entire system, make sure you replace it with an Energy Star model. These are as much as 15 percent more efficient than other HVAC systems.

The size of your building has great influence on which HVAC unit you need. Just because a unit is large does not mean it will properly heat and cool your space. In fact, it may be less efficient to run a large system in a small space. If the square footage to HVAC size ratio is not balanced, it will create numerous issues when trying to heat and cool your property.

Professional Installation

It may be tempting to save money by installing a new HVAC system yourself, but leave this complicated task to the professionals. You will end up saving money in the long run. If your system isn’t installed carefully you may end up spending money on repairs soon after. Using a professional can also introduce you to savings on regular maintenance.

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