Cooling Tips for Hot Homes You Can Do Today

Keeping your home cool in the summer can be challenging with the high temperatures of the outdoors. It is a constant battle to stay comfortable in the summer when your natural surroundings just keep getting warmer and warmer. Taking advantage of some of the cooling tips for hot homes below will help minimize the heat flow in your home so that you can retain as much cool air as you can.

Cooling Tips for Hot Homes

Keep the air flowing.

Utilizing the fans that you already have in your home can also help you stay cool. Using your ceiling fan – and making sure that it is rotating counter-clockwise – will allow for a cool breeze throughout the room. Another fan that is often forgotten on hot days is the bathroom fan. By turning on the bathroom fan, you are allowing the hot air that rises to the ceiling to escape through the vents. By drawing the warmest air out of the house, only the coolest air will remain. This will help keep the house at the most comfortable temperature.

Cook outdoors.

It only makes sense to keep the oven off during the summer months. You can move the kitchen outdoors to the grill to keep the heat out of the house. When you’re struggling to stay cool, don’t allow yourself to turn the oven on, only to trap more heat inside your space. It’s a fact that the 400° temperature in the oven is bound to make a difference in the room as you open the oven door to take your food out. Just keep the oven off for the summer, and work on becoming a grill master.

Scrap the hot lights.

The use of incandescent lights is going to increase the temperature of your home. This is exactly the opposite of what you want during the hot summer months. Not only are these incandescent lights a source of heat, but also a waste of energy. By using a different type of bulb, you can lower the electric bill and keep your home cooler.

Keep the doors closed.

When it is particularly hot, be aware of how often and for how long your doors to the outside are open. The cool air from inside your home will escape rapidly if there is any opening to the outside. To prevent your air conditioning unit from having to work harder, keep the doors closed as much as possible to help the cool air from escaping the house.

The extreme heat of the summer can really take a toll on the internal temperature of your home. In order to keep it as cool as possible, it is wise to take some practical steps to help maximize the retention of the cool air. These cooling tips for hot homes provided will work alongside one another to assist your working air conditioning unit, or to prevent extra heat from getting into the house if you don’t have a cooling system in place already. These are just a handful of tips that you can use to help keep your home comfortable in the warm season.

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