What is the Difference Between a Commercial and Residential HVAC System?

Both residential and commercial HVAC systems serve the same central purpose (cooling, heating, ventilating), but they are vastly different. Read on to learn their key differences.

Size is The Biggest Difference

One of the most notable differences between residential and commercial HVAC systems is the sheer size of the units. Commercial HVAC units operate a bit differently, as they serve a larger surface and volume. Some parts that operate differently than residential units are the evaporators, controls, and fans. Commercial HVAC systems will also end up using more power to run.

The Locations are Different

Residential HVAC units are typically found along the side of a home or in the backyard. In commercial buildings, their HVAC systems can often be found on top of the roof or in a room known as the mechanical room. The best recommended solution, however, is rooftop, as this can reduce noise pollution.

Commercial HVAC Systems Are Usually More Complex

A large mechanical unit is bound to be more complex, and that is exactly the case for commercial HVAC units. This complexity exists because commercial units are required to have an adaptable and flexible design, due to needing to meet the unique needs of each and every commercial property. One of the most prominent differences in commercial HVAC is the size of the units. Commercial units can be over 10 times larger than your residential unit.

Maintenance Costs Are Higher for Commercial Units

Because of size difference and complex nature, a commercial HVAC system will have higher up-front maintenance costs. It also should be maintained by highly skilled and capable technicians who specialize in commercial HVAC repairs. No repair should ever be done by a non-professional, as there are many risks in doing so.

While both types of HVAC systems serve the same goal, they are not designed the same. Make sure you are getting regular checkups on either your residential HVAC or your buildings commercial HVAC.

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