Exhaust Unit Repair and Installation

Altemp Mechanical offers dependable commercial exhaust unit repair and installation in Minneapolis – St. Paul. When you work within rough chemical fumes, smoke or other air impurities, using a strong exhaust system is important for the wellbeing of your staff. Altemp has collaborated with a variety of companies to help them maintain their commercial exhaust systems. If you have detected odd sounds coming from your exhaust fans or they are not functioning properly, contact us ASAP.

Exhaust Unit Repair and Installation

Fan Motor Replacement.

Because it is used so often, your exhaust fan’s motor can wear down and create problems. Not only can we replace the fan motor, we can repair it as well. Oiling the bearing in the motor is a normal repair that we complete.

Fan belt replacement.

Exhaust systems are essentially made up of a fan and a cycle of ducts. Unsurprisingly, one of the most regular commercial exhaust repairs relates to the fan. The fan’s motor is attached to its blades via a belt. The belt will begin to shriek if it is worn down and can impact the fan’s operation.

Clogged commercial exhaust filters.

If there is a filter in your exhaust system, it most likely needs to be replaced recurrently. If your exhaust fan is not functioning properly, it might be a result of the air filter being blocked. This will limit the air that flows out of your building. Clogged air filters can impede the function of your fan’s motor as well, causing it to wear down faster.

Do you have an exhaust unit that is working improperly? Contact the exhaust unit repair professionals at Altemp Mechanical online or by calling 651-275-9111. We provide exhaust unit repair, installation & replacement services for companies in Minneapolis – St. Paul.

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