Gas Appliance Repair For Your Commercial System

Gas Appliance Repair

Altemp Mechanical offers reliable and cost-efficient commercial gas appliance repair services in the Minneapolis – St. Paul region.

Business owners consistently break the law by failing to make sure that their commercial gas appliances are in a safe working condition. It is crucial that gas safety is taken seriously. In case something goes wrong, a business that was in its track will suffer serious financial consequences.

What are the most common reasons clients need commercial gas appliance repair?

Blocked burners.

One of the most common problems with gas appliances is blocked burners. They are mostly blocked by dirt, causing a build up of soot inside the appliance. To ensure proper operation of commercial gas appliances, they should be checked and cleaned regularly.

Accumulation of yellow soot

around the gas appliance or eye irritation with an acrid smell is another problem. This is a warning sign that your commercial gas appliance needs servicing. This indicates that there is incomplete combustion. This will result in wasted gas and even the production of poisonous carbon monoxide.

Blocked air filters

may cause overheating and incomplete combustion. The filters of a commercial gas appliance are often blocked by dust. It is recommended that they be regularly cleaned.

Damaged hoses.

A hose can become damaged with age. All hoses connected to a gas appliances and connections should be tested for leaks and carefully inspected. If any one of them is faulty, it should be replaced before it is used.

Regulator problems.

In all commercial gas appliances, regulators should be inspected regularly. This is because they have a fixed life span. The inspection of your commercial gas appliance should be done, at minimum, annually.

Flue pipe corrosion and blockages.

Immediate attention should be given to holes, punctures and loose joints. Contact Altemp to locate and correct these elements.

Gas leaks are very dangerous. When a gas appliance produces the smell of gas, take the following safety precautions:

1. Turn the source of the gas off.
2. Extinguish any flames.
3. Do not switch on or off any power source or electrical device.
4. Ensure the house is well ventilated.
5. Keep people away from the appliance area.
6. Call for help from your gas fitter or your supplier.

Always pay attention to the appearance, smell and the function of your appliance. If you suspect anything abnormal, contact Altemp Mechanical 24/7 for commercial gas appliance repair services.

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