How to Get the Best Commercial Fryer Possible

Fried food is unbelievably popular. There is no doubt about it. There are more french fries, onion rings, and any other type of fried dish eaten every day than there is anything else in this country. For the most part, these foods are eaten at restaurants, since most people do not own their own fryer. That means that investing in a fryer is a great way to expand your business and keep your customers happy. While some might say that you can’t really go wrong when frying foods, the fact is that there are differences between the fryers available. Those differences can absolutely show up in the taste of the food. Here is how to choose the best fryer for your establishment.

Types of Fryers

Open Pot Fryer

Open pot fryers might be the most common type of fryer. They are easy to clean and are relatively affordable. The element is located on the bottom, and it heats the food from there. They are easy to clean because they are usually equipped with easily accessible sediment zones. A sediment zone is small, however, so these fryers work best with lightly breaded products like mozzarella sticks and french fries.

Tube Fryer

Tube fryers are more expensive than pot fryers, and are harder to clean. You would want a tube fryer when you need to do more heavy duty frying. That means it can handle things like chicken and fish. Tube fryers heat up the oil using tubes on the bottom of the basin. They have a larger sediment area than pot fryers, but they are tough to clean because you have to get in and around the tubes themselves.

Flat Bottom Fryer

The flat bottom fryer is not as versatile as the previous options, as it serves very specific functions. It is a good option when you have delicate frying needs. That means it works well with tortilla chips and battered doughs like donuts. They do not come with sediment areas, so you should not use it with heavier battered items because it would become very difficult to clean. They can be difficult to clean in any case, though. Since what little sediment there is will not collect in one handy place, and instead float around everywhere.

Factors To Consider


Commercial deep fryers can come in relatively affordable units, such as $500, or much more expensive at $5000, and everywhere else in between. With such a big gap, you can imagine that there is also a gap in quality and options. One of the biggest things that can affect the price is the size of the unit. The larger the unit, the more batches you can make and customers you can serve quickly. If your menu isn’t heavy on fried foods, then a smaller unit may be just fine. For places that serve pub food, a larger unit may  be the most appropriate. You do not want to get stuck with a unit that’s too small. Pot fryers are generally the cheapest, with tube and flat bottom fryers being similar in cost depending on the size. Don’t forget that along with the upfront cost of purchasing the unit, there is also the cost of fuelling the fryer. There are electric fryers available as well.


Size is important not just for the amount of food you can make, but also for fitting inside your kitchen. You need to make sure that it doesn’t end up crowding your kitchen, and it needs to be placed in a safe space. Splattering boiling oil is a major safety hazard, so it needs to be placed somewhere that staff can work but not be in danger of getting burned. The key is to balance out the need for efficiency with the need to have a functioning and safe work space for everyone.

Ease of Use and Cleaning

Kitchens are often judged by their speed. There can be a lot of orders coming all at once, so the staff must be efficient with everything that do to keep up. That means you’ll want a unit that is easy to use so things can keep moving. Also, if you have a newer staff member, you want it to be as simple as possible for them to get up to speed. Cleanliness is also a major part of running a kitchen. Having a unit that is easy to clean makes it a simpler process, and will keep the staff happy as well.

If you are considering purchasing a commercial fryer, make sure to take as much into consideration as possible. That way, you can end up with the perfect fryer for your needs

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