Why You Should Get Your Commercial HVAC System Serviced Every Spring

“Out of sight and out of mind” is what they say, but with your commercial HVAC system in the spring, it is out of use and out of mind. The best HVAC system is one that you forget you have, because it does not cause any problems. Springtime is generally the quietest time of year for HVAC use, so people can be forgiven for forgetting about their system. Unfortunately, when the summer comes, that forgotten necessity becomes more needed, and you do not want to be caught without it. Here’s why you should get your commercial HVAC system serviced every spring.

The Condenser

During the colder months, the condenser coils are at risk of getting clogged with leaves, branches, and other debris. This pressure, or the pressure from ice and snow, can put pressure on the coils and damage them. In the spring you can remove that debris to give your system a fresh start and reduce the pressure.

It is during the winter time when pesky critters like mice are more likely to hide in your A/C unit and get into the wiring. Once the freeze is over, check for signs of a nesting rodent, since they can chew through wires and cause loose connections.

Refrigerant Levels

If the levels of your refrigerant are low, then you might have a leak. Any leaks have to be fixed before you can add more refrigerant. Make sure to inspect for any leaks.

Lines, Fan, and Coils

You’d be amazed at what can block up your lines. Mold, dust, and dirt are all blocking hazards. Clean out all of these components so the air can flow freely and keep your system running efficiently. Along these lines, always make sure to have a clean filter. You can do it every 3 months if you have pleated filters, so every season is a good schedule for the change.

If your HVAC system is not running at it is peak efficiency, it can cost you not only performance, but also money. Keep the air flowing and do not get stuck in a heat wave with these spring maintenance tips.

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