What Happens If You Have a Bad Refrigerator Gasket?

You might think that what you need to worry most about when it comes to your refrigerator is the freon, the coils, or the motor. However, the most common location of issues with fridges is the door. If a refrigerator gets opened and closed a lot during the day, then its parts can get worn down and even fail. The gasket seal is the most likely to break down. As it does, warm air can leak into the refrigerator. This will not only cause the temperature to drop, but it will cause the fridge to work harder to keep up, which will expend more energy.

How Do You Spot a Refrigerator Door Gasket Issue?

Unfortunately, when door gaskets break down, there may not be any visible evidence. If the seal is broken, it may just be by a small amount, and hard to see. There are some clues you might spot that will help you to identify if you have a gasket problem.

For one, you might notice that the unit is not cooling down as it was. Items inside might not be properly chilled, for instance. You may also see that your energy bills have been steadily increasing with no other obvious reason. In some cases, you can tell just by opening the door that there is an issue. If the seal has failed, then there will be little to no resistance when you open the door. One way to test it is by getting a small piece of paper, like a post-it note. Place half inside the fridge and half outside, and close the door. If the door is sealed properly, then you should not be able to pull the paper out easily. You can move the paper around to test out the entire gasket.

If you do notice you have a gasket issue, or even if you suspect it, the best thing to do is to call a professional immediately to fix it. The longer you wait, the worse it will get. That means escalating energy bills and possibly unsafe food.

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