How to Maintain Air Conditioners During Summer

If you have an air conditioning unit, the chances are you will have it on full blast during a hot summer. Maintaining your air conditioning unit is vital if you want to keep it in full working order. That’s without mentioning that regular maintenance will make your unit last for much longer. Learn all about how to maintain air conditioners during summer and enjoy the hot season just a little more.

How To Maintain Air Conditioners During Summer

Check your filters.

If you want to keep your unit in full working order during a hot summer, then you should first check the filters. Filters can often get clogged, dirty and blocked over time and this can reduce the airflow that is going through the system. You should try to do this as early as possible if you are expecting a hot summer because dirty filters can blow dirt throughout your home and this is something you want to avoid if you plan to have your air conditioning on for long periods of time.

Clean your coils.

Your air conditioner will have an evaporator coil. This can collect dirt if it has not been cleaned properly for a long period of time. The dirt will insulate the coil and prevent it from absorbing heat efficiently. For this reason, you should clean your coil if you want it to work properly in the summer.

Clean your drains.

Another thing you should do if you want to keep your air conditioner in full working order is to pass a stiff wire or prong through the plastic grid. This will help dislodge any dirt that may be trapped in the channel, not to mention that a clogged drain can increase the humidity in your home. This is obviously something that you want to avoid at all times during a hot summer. Excessive moisture may also discolor your walls so keeping your unit clean has more benefits than one.

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