How to Manage Your Commercial HVAC Costs

There was a time when the cost of food was more expensive than energy bills. Today, the tide has changed. The cost of energy is ten times greater than what it was only a few years ago. Unfortunately, we cannot thrive without energy. It is used in so many applications, including cooling, heating, lighting and much more. If you run a business from a central location or office and you plan to maximize your monthly profits, you must understand how to manage your commercial HVAC costs. Below we discuss a few methods that should help you get started.

How To Manage Your Commercial HVAC Costs

Carry out routing maintenance.

A faulty HVAC system tends to consume more energy. Therefore, you should schedule a quarterly inspection with qualified HVAC company such as Altemp Mechanical. This will ensure that your HVAC unit is not only working and operating at its optimal level; you can make sure that its components are in good condition.

Take advantage of the outside air.

Rather than always relying on your HVAC system, you should consider allowing outside air to cool your facility when the weather permits it. An economizer allows for “FREE” cooling of your building when the outside air is below 70 degrees. This will result in large energy cost savings, reduces the wear and tear on your HVAC units, and provides fresh air to your building.

Have you considered programmable thermostats?

Programmable thermostats permit you to program your unit in such a way that it does not operate during non-business hours. This offers a better option than standard thermostats. Standard thermostats may allow your HVAC unit to operate at all times, even when conditioning is not necessary.

Ensure that you hire a reliable and well-respected heating and cooling company such as Altemp Mechanical to carry out maintenance and HVAC repairs to reduce energy consumption in your facility.

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