The Importance of Indoor Air Quality For Business

One commonly overlooked factor that affects the performance and operation of a business is the importance of indoor air quality (IAQ). It directly influences your employees and their health, comfort and productivity. That is why IAQ plays an integral part on the impact of clients and employees working in a commercial center. Indoor air pollution is ranked among the top pollutants by the EPA. That is why many states have strict indoor air regulations. Poor indoor air quality in buildings and business premises has been linked to health conditions and diseases, low productivity, slower learning and mental acuity, and sluggishness. With more states and countries becoming more concerned with IAQ, businesses will soon have to conform to indoor air regulations to avoid fines.

The Importance of Indoor Air Quality for Business

Positive Effect on Health

Good indoor air quality attracts clients. They will be pleased to be in a comfortable environment. Indoor air quality also ensures that those with breathing problems can visit your office. It helps employees avoid health conditions and diseases like certain cancers, asthma and sick building syndrome. It results in less sick days, higher employee retention rates and healthier employees. This leads to increased productivity as employees are not missing work due to avoidable health conditions.

Negative Impact on Health

Poor indoor air quality also makes students, clients and employees sluggish, less mentally acute and slows their learning. This means poor performance on the part of employees and students and less interest on the part of clients. This can adversely affect the performance of the business. It is one of the reasons why many clubs and casinos increase oxygen concentration in their premises during late hours. It helps invigorate patrons.

Improving air quality involves dealing with air pollutants in buildings. This simple measure can improve business performance greatly and keep a business’ patrons and employee healthy and content. Content employees and clients will greatly benefit a business. Call the experts at Altemp to learn more about the importance of indoor air quality for your business.

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