Makeup Air Systems Repair and Installation

A working makeup air system is essential for sustaining the quality of the air in commercial structures. It will help maintain an appropriate air balance pressure throughout a building to regulate airflow. Simply put, it helps your staff and customers feel comfortable. Proper makeup air systems repair and installation is necessary to guarantee the system’s full effectiveness in the event of an issue. Furthermore, your makeup air system must be correctly maintained or promptly repaired to prevent costly repairs down the road. Our experienced technicians understand how to fix and maintain makeup air systems rapidly so that lost time is reduced. Because we have wide-ranging experience working with this technology, you can rest assured that your project will be finished properly and on budget.

Makeup Air Systems Repair and Installation

Exhaust systems vent a huge amount of air from a structure. If this air is not change at the same time it is removed, the air pressure outside the structure will be greater than the air pressure inside it, creating an occurrence known as negative pressure. The most common signs of a negative pressure issue involve suction pressure that causes exterior doors to become hard to open, exhaust fans that do not function correctly, drafts near doors and windows, inadequate indoor air quality, and the intrusion of air from outside.

Makeup air systems substitute the air that is ejected by a structure’s exhaust unit, preserving the correct stability between inside and outside air pressures. Additional advantages include:

  • delivers conditioned air that can be heated or cooled
  • significantly decreases the intrusion of cold outdoor air
  • enhances the quality of inside air
  • eradicates suction pressure at external doors
  • reduces the burden on your current HVAC unit
  • cuts energy expenses

Altemp Mechanical provides makeup air system repair, replacement and installation for Minneapolis – St. Paul, MN business owners. If you would like to set up an appointment or learn more about makeup air systems, contact us online or by calling 651-275-9111. Our dedicated team has earned the reputation of surpassing expectations at every service request.

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