Meat Slicer Repair Services

Altemp Mechanical understands that when your meat slicer becomes inoperable, so does your business. This is one of the primary reasons why we employ technicians skilled in meat slicer repair who are more than capable of updating your appliances quickly and effectively.

The staff members of Altemp Mechanical are specialists at what we do. This is because we undergo thorough training to ensure we stay up-to-date with the latest developments in the commercial HVAC industry.

Meat slicer repair services from Altemp Mechanical

Commercial meat slicers are an important aspect of any restaurant that serves large amounts of deli meats and cheeses. Having to cut these items by hand would take an enormous amount of time and would most likely result in less consistent thickness. If your commercial meat slicer is giving you headaches, Altemp Mechanical can alleviate your stress by restoring it to its proper working condition.

Some of the main issues we see with meat slicers include (but are not limited to):

The slicer not spinning fast enough. If your meat slicer is not spinning fast enough when you turn it on, the problem could be that the power supply is not letting in enough electricity for the motor to operate as it should be. Another reason could be that the motor’s bearings and gears are too old and deteriorated. Also, failing to regularly clean your slicer can lead to clogging, thereby preventing it from operating as it should.

The slicer making odd noises. If your meat slicer starts to make strange noises every time you turn it on, the reason could be that your motor gears and bearings have not been serviced in a while and therefore need some lubrication. Altemp Mechanical can deal with such problems quickly and effectively, so that you do not have to stand those noises any more.

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