Refrigeration Gasket Replacement Services

Altemp Mechanical offers commercial refrigeration gasket repair and replacement services. Over the years, we have provided critical services to grocery stores, hotels, convenience stores, and a variety of other facilities that utilize commercial refrigeration systems.

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Altemp Mechanical offers inspections of freezer and refrigeration gaskets, followed by detailed and practical estimates and recommendations.

Altemp Mechanical has a highly experienced staff on hand that can accurately scrutinize your situation-and-offer an affordable solution to your refrigeration problems. During the repair and/or installation process, we take all measures to avoid unnecessary project costs.

What we offer

  • The replacement of commercial refrigeration gaskets.
  • The reduction of the refrigeration load.
  • The installation of gaskets to prevent outside air from getting inside by. We secure a viable seal around the refrigerator door.

When door gaskets get too old or suffer damage, it can result in outside air leaks that cause higher refrigeration loads and excessive frost buildup on the evaporator. By replacing your damaged gasket, you will be able to achieve a stronger seal and lessen the refrigeration load.

If you are in need of refrigeration gasket replacement services, contact Altemp Mechanical online or by calling 651-275-9111.

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