Spring Checklist For HVAC Maintenance

It’s that time of year where winter is ending and spring is starting. Although it might not feel like it yet, summer will be just around the corner. And we all know one thing about Minnesota summers: they can be hot and humid. That’s why your AC must be in working condition.

The best time of year to have HVAC maintenance is mid-season. As your furnace is shut off and prepared for the air conditioner in the summer, a little bit of upkeep will be incredibly beneficial. Taking preventative measures will help ensure your system is running perfectly come summertime. Here are some tips for any property owner wanting to keep their HVAC system in perfect condition.

Clear Out Debris From Your Outdoor Unit

Fall and winter bring debris buildup to practically every building and HVAC unit. If you are a busy landscaper or gardener, you are likely used to clearing out debris for your yard. So you should take the extra minutes to clear up any dead foliage and junk that has accumulated by your outdoor unit. This can help cut down on any stress your unit will have during the warm months.

Look For Any Damages

You never know what kind of damage the snow and wind can bring over the winter. Make sure your HVAC unit has a stable surface and look out for any serious damages. A damaged condenser could become a big problem when you need to crank up the A/C in June.

Clean Your Ducts

To enhance your indoor air quality, it might be a wise idea to schedule a duct cleaning. Before your AC is turned on, you should have all the dust, allergens, and mold removed. Since it can be sweltering in the summer, the last thing you want is to develop health complications from poorly maintained HVAC units.

Look For Leaks

Even if you properly maintain your HVAC system, it won’t do much if your building isn’t properly sealed. Look for areas where you feel a draft. These could be doors, windows, and door jambs. If there are any cracks or signs of cracking, it might be time to reseal or replace them. A properly sealed building will help with filtering your air, as well as keeping your building cool.

Every building needs a functioning HVAC system. Regular maintenance is kept in keeping your unit working properly for as long as possible.

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