Troubleshooting Your Glycol Cooling System

There are few things a beer-drinker hates more than beer that is not cold. Room temperature is simply not acceptable if you are looking for refreshment. That is why glycol systems exist. They keep beer cold so that bars can serve the frostiest beverages possible to their clientele. Unfortunately, if the glycol system is not working, then customers will not be happy, and business will suffer. It is important to keep your system maintained at all times to prevent it from breaking down. That means checking every component on a regular basis. There are lines, there is the chiller, the bath, and even the glycol. Even then, there may be a time that it does not seem to be working properly. Here are some troubleshooting tips to get your beer back to its coldest state possible in a hurry.

Is Air Getting in Your Glycol?

If you do not have the cover closed on your glycol bath, then it will get exposed to the air. The water vapor will dilute the glycol. This will weaken it, meaning that it will not have its full cooling power, resulting in warmer beer.

Bath Set At The Right Temperature?

Make sure to check the temperature of your glycol bath on a regular basis. It should always stay within the manufacturer’s recommended range. While most come with a built-in temperature gauge, it is never a bad idea to use your own thermometer in case there is an issue with the gauge.

Is The Dispensed Beer The Right Temperature?

Like the bath, check the temperature of the dispensed beer on a regular basis as well. The chiller might show the right temperature, but if there is a problem in the lines as the beer gets to the faucet, then it may be warm by the time it comes out.

Smooth Operation?

You can often hear if there is a problem with the system’s motor. Give it a listen every once in a while to make sure there are no unexplained noises. You may also feel heat from a place where you should not.

If you detect any issues that are not easily repaired, then it is best to contact a professional technician to assess and solve your problem. The faster it gets fixed, the faster you can get back to keeping your customers happy.

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