Commercial Refrigeration Maintenance and What It Involves

Commercial refrigeration units cost thousands of dollars. It is essential for you to keep them in good working order to avoid costly replacements or new installations. Regular maintenance is essential for this. A number of these tasks can be performed by business owners themselves. Others are complicated and will require professional assistance. Find out exactly what commercial refrigeration maintenance involves below.

Commercial Refrigeration Maintenance

Improper Assembly

Your refrigeration unit should be installed properly and installed in a way that its fans are not covered. The improper installation or even improper placement of a refrigeration unit can cause failure, even with continuous maintenance.

Regular Inspection

You should visibly inspect the unit every three months for problems. Are there any puddles of water being formed around or inside the unit? Is ice building up? Are any of the fans not spinning suitably? You need to get any such issues checked by a professional.

Other Parts

Some of the other parts that should be checked are the blades, condenser coil, electrical wiring and its components. All of the fans need to be running without any obstruction. The refrigeration cycle needs to be operating at maximum efficiency as well.

Professional Exam

A professional is going to have to enter, examine and clean the condenser and evaporator coil and the blades to ensure they operate properly. They may also identify other potential problems and fix them before they become something major.

Other Aspects of Inspection

Other aspects like the door seals and the suction accumulator should be examined to make sure they are functioning properly as well. Drain lines should be inspected and any clogs should be cleared. Leakages should be fixed. The oil should be examined and the thermometer’s accuracy should be tested. If refrigerant levels are low, they should be filled.

This entire process can be time-consuming and you may think of it as an unnecessary expense. It can help increase the longevity of a commercial refrigerator, however. Units that are not maintained properly consume more electricity, have more failed components and shorter lifespans. By keeping a commercial refrigeration unit well-maintained, you will be saving thousands of dollars in repairs and replacements over the years.

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