Why Is My Thermostat Not Working? Experts Explain 3 Common Issues

Do you find that it is difficult to maintain a comfortable temperature in your building, no matter what steps you take? Have you caught yourself asking, “Why is my thermostat not working?” If so, your building may be suffering from one or more of these common thermostat problems…

Why Is My Thermostat Not Working?

Reason #1 – Your Thermostat is Located in Direct Sunlight

Regardless of the weather, does your building’s interior always feel too cold? Your thermostat might be exposed to too much direct sunlight. Observe your thermostat during the day and see if it comes into direct contact with sunlight at any point. If this happens, the thermostat may begin to read the air temperature as much higher than it really is. This inaccurate reading can cause your heat to turn off too early or cause the air conditioner to run for too long.

Reason #2 Your Thermostat is Located Too Close to Sources of Heat

Having a thermostat that is too close to an oven, fireplace or other heat source inside your building can produce similar results to a thermostat in direct sunlight. If your building is always too cold, but your thermostat is not located near a window, one of the above heat sources could be the cause of your problem.

Reason #3 Your Thermostat is Not Located Centrally

Does the temperature inside your building seem unbalanced? Is one side of a building warmer or cooler than the other? A thermostat that is not located centrally in your building may be the culprit. Your thermostat should be located somewhere “central” – like a hallway – to ensure an even balance of temperature distribution. If you continue to experience pockets of uneven temperature, you may want to consider zoning your commercial structure.

Reason #4 You Have an Old or Broken Thermostat

Although thermostats are designed to last for many years, occasionally they will need to be replaced. This is especially true if your thermostat uses mercury. You should consider upgrading to a newer, more accurate digital thermostat.

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