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Commercial walk-in coolers and walk-in freezers can suffer from neglect due to a lack of regular maintenance. As your appliance breaks down, energy costs can soar, creating unnecessary expense for your organization. The most common problems that impact walk-in coolers and freezers lead to an increase in your utility bill, premature equipment failure and a decrease in safety.

The most frequent issue occurs in the cooler or freezer box itself. Water can begin leaking from the seams, which not only causes wet floors, but combines with dirty shelves and floors to create an environment ripe for mold. Dripping water frequently happens when warm air is entering the cooler space, creating condensation. Gaps can form in the seams due to poor installation or simply age. Thankfully this issue is easily corrected with high grade mold resistant silicone caulk.

The door on the cooler or freezer is an often-neglected component of your unit. Any wear can have lasting consequences. Inspecting the conditions of the gasket, the handle and the heater strip are important to the continued operation of your unit. The easiest way to check the door seal is to walk into the cooler or freezer with the lights off and see if any light from the outside is shining in. If you do see any, it might be time to replace your gasket. If the seal isn’t tight enough, warmer air will leak in, creating condensation, which compromises safety and the quality of your cooler or freezer.

If you notice that your door no longer closes as tightly, or you have trouble with the closing mechanism, it is probably time to replace the handle. If you are able to find the same make and model for the handle, it can be easily replaced in five minutes or less.

The most difficult component of the door to replace is the heat strip. It keeps the gasket somewhat warm, making it pliable enough to make a tight seal when the door closes. If your door is difficult to open, you make need a new heater strip.

Another problem that can occur in your walk-in cooler or freezer is with the evaporator. This is the device that actually cools down the air by reducing the amount of latent heat and humidity. Water dripping from the drain pain or frozen coils can result in poor airflow and a build up of dirt. Either of these issues will cause the unit to work harder and burn unnecessary energy.

If your drain pan is overflowing, the source is most likely a clogged drain line. There are product available to help you reduce these clogs.

Make sure to create a maintenance schedule and examine each of these areas in your walk-in cooler regularly. Being able to spot problems early will save you on major repairs and high energy costs later.

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