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Altemp Mechanical is a complete-service heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) business that specializes in HVAC installation services in Minnesota and Wisconsin.

The certified and trustworthy commercial HVAC professionals at Altemp Mechanical are able to meet stringent industry installation specifications throughout hundreds of industries, including retail businesses, restaurants, factories, store fronts, professional offices and more. Our HVAC commercial installation services provide a one-stop solution for any commercial HVAC installation that you might need, from designing and building a custom solution to standard industry installations.

Our licensed HVAC installation professionals are continually maintaining industry training and certifications that keep our crew among the most knowledgeable within the commercial and HVAC installation profession.

When your heating, cooling and ventilation system gets older, it often loses its ability to work effectively and might even stop working altogether. When this occurs, hiring an inexperienced HVAC installation technician to replace it can result in an expensive and long process.

Why Choose Us?

When it comes to cooling and heating system installation, the service experts at Altemp Mechanical cannot be outdone. We provide complete HVAC installation services for your building, which include customized solutions designed to meet any specific needs that you might have.

The staff at Altemp can provide you with expert central air conditioning installations for your home that meet your financial expectations and keep the air in your home cool and steady throughout the summer season. We can expertly install split systems as well as ductless air conditioning systems for your home or business.

You can also trust the professionals at Altemp to meet your commercial HVAC heating installation needs. We have years of experience expertly installing all types of furnaces, including boilers, single and two-stage furnaces, as well as modulating furnaces.

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The and commercial HVAC installation services provided by Altemp Mechanical will ensure that the air in your home or business keeps those within the structures comfortable, and that the systems will run optimally to provide you with cost-effective and efficient operation for years to come.

Call our Minnesota / Wisconsin HVAC installation professionals today at 651-275-9111 or fill out our contact form to sent up an appointment.

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