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Most restaurants and hotels/motels are energy intensive facilities where significant cost-saving opportunities exist through wise operation, cleaning, energy efficiency, regular maintenance, appliance repair, and equipment selection.

Every restaurant should identify one person to drive the energy conservation and efficiency program. Monitor, record and post rates of restaurant energy and water use. Make repairs or replace equipment when rate changes indicate problems. Use an energy management system (EMS) to tie in air handling units, HVAC, and lighting to prevent conditioning space when it is not necessary. Create an incentive program to encourage your staff to participate in and improve upon environmentally friendly practices.

Hotel Energy Efficiency Tips

Hotels consume tremendous amounts of energy to meet guest needs. Energy efficiency provides owners and operators cost savings that significantly benefit the bottom line. Efficiency also improves the service of capital equipment, enhances guest comfort, and demonstrates a commitment to climate stewardship. The EPA has calculated that the cost savings associated with a 10-percent improvement in energy efficiency is equivalent to increasing average daily room rates by $0.62 and $1.35, for limited and full-service hotels. Source: Energy Star


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