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Common Commercial Refrigeration Problems

Commercial kitchens, food wholesalers, or other food related businesses absolutely must have commercial refrigeration. They can make things so much easier than trying to find storage off-site or using other refrigeration options. They can provide not just a lot of storage, but convenience and cost-efficiency. They do need repairs from time to time, though, so it is important to keep an eye on issues that might need fixing during the lifetime of your unit.

A Door That is Not Closing

A door that does not fully close or does not seal might be the most common problem with commercial refrigeration units. It could be due to a mechanical issue, or ice that is formed around the door, or any number of problems. If the door is not closing, then the cold air will leak out and cause the unit to be less efficient. Not only will the cooling suffer, but energy bills could get extremely high with all the extra work your unit has to do.

Leaks Through the Door

As the unit ages, the seams around the door may start to get looser. This happens when dirt and gunk build up. As the seams loosen, warm air can seep into the unit and cause condensation, which can lead to mold. Plus, it makes the floor wet, which can be a safety hazard.

Your Drain Pan is Overflowing

Sometimes, a build up in the lines can cause drain pans to overflow. To combat this, you should have a maintenance plan that includes cleaning out the lines by a professional.

You Have Evaporator Issues

If an overflowing evaporator is not fixed in a timely fashion, then the evaporator is at risk of failing. This can harm the unit is ability to properly cool, or it could cause freezing as well. If the evaporator freezes during the defrost cycle, then frost can build up, and the evaporator will potentially break down from overexertion. Getting it cleaned regularly along with the lines is one way to prevent this.

You Have Heater Strip Issues

The heater strip prevents the door from freezing shut. If it stops working, you should call a professional immediately to repair it. A frozen door can be very difficult to deal with and will lead to productivity losses. It can also pose a safety risk for staff.

Keep an eye out for these potential problems and keep your refrigeration unit maintained so it can have a long and productive life for your business. To ensure that your system works reliably, contact Altemp Mechanical Inc. and take advantage of our Hudson commercial refrigeration repair and installation services.

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