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Commercial refrigeration systems are one of the most important investments many businesses will make, and proper refrigerator maintenance will prevent food spoilage and unnecessary repair costs later on. There are many benefits to keeping your commercial refrigeration systems properly maintained, and making regular maintenance checks a part of your business’s routine can save you a lot of time and money.

A recent study showed that commercial freezers and refrigeration systems with regular maintenance over a one-year period had, on average nearly 40 percent less emergency service calls, 50 percent less overtime service calls, saved more money in energy costs, and spent less money in repair costs. Maintaining your commercial refrigeration unit is smart for your business in many aspects. It is good for your service and your budget.

Properly maintained commercial refrigeration systems run more efficiently. They are significantly less likely to break down or have specific parts quit working. Regular cleaning can keep the fan, thermostat, wiring, and compressor from failing due to dirty parts. Even your metering device can be affected by poor maintenance and can become overheated or damaged due to a lack of regular care.

Our team will ensure that your refrigeration systems produces less electrical consumption, which cuts utility costs significantly. It you are trying to find ways to make your business more financially efficient, regular maintenance on your commercial refrigeration systems can save you a lot of money – not just in decreased energy costs, but in less service repair costs due to breakdowns. You are also less likely to have to pay for emergency and overtime services, because you have taken precautions to avoid those situations.

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