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Altemp Mechanical Inc. installs and repairs commercial soft serve machines for restaurant owners in Minneapolis/St. Paul. To learn more or to schedule your service call, don’t hesitate to contact us online or by calling 651-275-9111!

Commercial soft serve machines see most of their use in the warm, summer months. And like any machine that sees use every day, issues are bound to occur. Here are some of the most common problems that commercial soft serve machines face.

Although soft is in its name, oftentimes soft serve ice cream can be too thin. When this happens, a couple of issues could be occurring. There may be inadequate venting space, which makes it so the machine cannot cool down. Soft serve machines require cool air to flow freely around. At a minimum, there should be a few inches of space free around the side of the machine. If your soft serve machine is experiencing this issue, it may be due to insufficient venting. The best solution is to move it to an area where it will have better airflow.

Another possible reason for thin soft serve is a dirty condenser or low consistency setting. Make sure your consistency setting is adjusted on your machine so that the product coming out is firm. Dirty condensers can also be the root cause, as they can overheat the machine. Make sure your condenser is cleaned at least once every three months.

If you see leaks around your commercial soft serve machine, it could be due to the rear auger seal or spigots. Leaks could occur due to unlubricated spigots or from worn-out O-rings. There could be damages done to your machine that is resulting in the leaks, for instance, the front door can easily cause a leak if it has been damaged or scratched severely.

As opposed to producing thin soft serve, sometimes the machine is producing frozen soft serve. This happens when your machine freezes over, which results in firm soft serve or no product is dispensed at all. Soft serve machines can freeze over if the drive motor becomes overloaded. The machine’s pump pressure settings may be too low as well.

Oftentimes, when issues with commercial soft serve machines occur, you can turn the units off and wait several minutes to reset the machine. However, the solution may not be as simple as that and may require help from our experienced commercial HVAC technicians.

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