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Altemp Mechanical is the company to contact when you find yourself in need of commercial rooftop HVAC unit installation, replacement, maintenance or repair services. We pride ourselves on providing emergency repair and maintenance services for a wide range of rooftop heating and air conditioning systems in Minnesota. Our highly skilled commercial heating and cooling technicians offer a wide range of commercial services in Minnesota and Wisconsin.

Rooftop HVAC Installation

One of the primary services offered by Altemp Mechanical is installation. The firm specializes in the installation of heating and cooling systems for commercial applications. Our company’s team of professionally-trained commercial installers are familiar with the installation of cooling systems manufactured by top brands. If you are in search of professional rooftop cooling system installation services, contact one of our friendly staff members. If you wish to replace your system with a new one, the same applies. Our company’s technicians have replaced hundreds of high efficiency rooftop cooling system units.

Rooftop HVAC Repair

Commercial heating and cooling systems are susceptible to damage and, in the course of their lifespan, will require repair. We at Altemp Mechanical understand that emergencies are unpredictable. It is based on this understanding that we are ready to respond to emergency calls 24 hours per day. In addition, we respond quickly to all emergencies and will get to your commercial property as soon as is humanly possible. To save you from future headaches, we conduct the repairs in accordance with local building codes.

Rooftop HVAC Maintenance

Altemp Mechanical also offers commercial maintenance services for rooftop HVAC units. Under these services, we provide offer routine check-ups and inspections. If you have concerns about the functionality of your unit – no matter the model it may be – contact us immediately. We recommend performing quarterly maintenance to ensure the system functions properly.

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