Commercial HVAC Spring Maintenance

Commercial HVAC systems are designed to meet your building’s standards. However, they are not designed to run indefinitely. Like any machine, regular maintenance is needed to achieve optimal performance. For most business owners, a reliable HVAC system is crucial for the coming Spring months. Here are a few items to check on your commercial HVAC … Continue reading "Commercial HVAC Spring Maintenance"


The Most Common Summer HVAC Problems

As summer dwells up on us, it is time to get the air conditioning (A/C) units running. For many buildings, the A/C unit has sat idly by since last Fall. Before you begin to turn on your A/C, it might be wise to get an inspection done to prevent it from breaking down on a … Continue reading "The Most Common Summer HVAC Problems"


How Optimizing your HVAC Can Ease Allergy and Asthma Symptoms

Springtime can be one of the worst seasons for allergy and asthma sufferers. HVAC systems can have a direct role in alleviating some of these symptoms, as a highly optimized system can reduce pollutants and improve air quality. There are many straightforward options for optimizing your HVAC to reduce its spread of pollen and other … Continue reading "How Optimizing your HVAC Can Ease Allergy and Asthma Symptoms"

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What Causes Frozen Heat Pump Coils?

Many people may have a hard time believing that their heater can in fact freeze. Heaters produce heat, so shouldn’t that prevent freezing? Unfortunately, despite its nature, a heater can freeze and it can lead to a disastrous problem. Heaters typically freeze due to poor airflow over the heat pump coils. When the temperature plummets, … Continue reading "What Causes Frozen Heat Pump Coils?"


Spring Checklist For HVAC Maintenance

It’s that time of year where winter is ending and spring is starting. Although it might not feel like it yet, summer will be just around the corner. And we all know one thing about Minnesota summers: they can be hot and humid. That’s why your AC must be in working condition. The best time … Continue reading "Spring Checklist For HVAC Maintenance"


Your HVAC System and COVID-19

There is still a lot to be known about Covid-19, but there is one thing we all agree on: it is highly contagious via airborne transmission. Primary spreads come from infected people who cough, sneeze, and even talk. If an action produces airborne droplets, it can spread the virus. Because Covid-19 can spread via air, … Continue reading "Your HVAC System and COVID-19"


5 Common HVAC Myths Debunked

Many individuals have differing opinions on HVAC repairs and fixes. How can you recognize what’s a myth and what’s a fact? Here’s our pick of the top five HVAC myths: MYTH: Anyone can find the source of a leak within their building. Truth: You would believe it’s easy to discover any leaky part in your … Continue reading "5 Common HVAC Myths Debunked"


What is the Difference Between a Commercial and Residential HVAC System?

Both residential and commercial HVAC systems serve the same central purpose (cooling, heating, ventilating), but they are vastly different. Read on to learn their key differences. Size is The Biggest Difference One of the most notable differences between residential and commercial HVAC systems is the sheer size of the units. Commercial HVAC units operate a … Continue reading "What is the Difference Between a Commercial and Residential HVAC System?"


What Happens If You Have a Bad Refrigerator Gasket?

You might think that what you need to worry most about when it comes to your refrigerator is the freon, the coils, or the motor. However, the most common location of issues with fridges is the door. If a refrigerator gets opened and closed a lot during the day, then its parts can get worn … Continue reading "What Happens If You Have a Bad Refrigerator Gasket?"